Region covering much of the Tibetan Plateau, occupied by China and the Tibetan Buddhist government is in exile. Highest region on earth, with avg. 5,000m elevation.

Capital: Lhasa

Population: 6.3 million Tibetans and 7.5 million ChineseĀ 

Unreached: 100%

Largest Religion: Buddhist

Religions: Tibetan Buddhist 78%; Bon (aboriginal); Islam; Christianity 0.04%


  1. Pray for miracles and God encounters when Buddhists interact with the small but growing number of Christians.
  2. Pray for a Bible translation in the Tibetan dialect, as well as the ongoing translation of evangelism and discipleship materials.
  3. Pray for peaceful resolution to the Tibetansā€™ struggle for independence. Pray for those in positions of power, that they would truly desire the best for those they lead.