Republic of China

Island off the west coast of China with a highly urbanized population, whose political status is uncertain. Only 25 countries recognize it as an independent nation, and China claims it as a territory. 

Capital City: Taipei

Government: Multiparty Democracy

Population: 23,508,428

Unreached: 28.6%

Largest Religion: Ethnic Chinese 

Chinese 60.74%, Buddhist 28.80%, Christian 5.82%, Non 2.31%, other 1.90%, Muslim 0.35%


  1. Pray for more workers to share the Good News of Jesus in this politically open land.
  2. Pray for the chains of idol worship, superstition, and false religion to be broken by the power of Jesus.
  3. Pray for the Gospel to infiltrate and transform the working class that is less than .5% Christian.